Buying an aircraft or moving up to another model? Whether it's your first aircraft or your 10th, single or multi-engine, piston or turbine,


Have Sterling Air do the work! Purchasing and evaluating airplanes is an art we have mastered. We will also represent you at every stage of the transaction including selecting the right aircraft for your needs, closing the deal, buying insurance and maintaining your new purchase.

When you appoint Sterling Air as your representative, you purchase insurance so that common mistakes, that get aircraft buyers in big trouble, will be avoided.

Here are some examples of these mistakes from aviation writer Brian Jacobson's Purchasing & Evaluating Airplanes, a book we refer you to when you sign on to do business with us.

  • The pristine low-time 1981 A36TC Bonanza with "no damage history" and "clean logbooks" that actually turned out to have crashed twice and been declared a total loss both times by the insurance company.

  • The Aerostar that killed its owner when it crashed on the first flight after the major overhaul of both engines (in a motorcycle shop) that was done so the airplane could be sold.

  • The partnership-owned Mooney impounded as a "stolen aircraft" when one owner flew off in it and the other owner called the sheriff.

  • The Cessna 120 whose engine was "major overhauled" without ever removing it from the aircraft.

  • The first-time buyer who fell in love with a Cessna 310, bought it, and then was nearly bankrupted when the airplane was grounded for nearly a year with major mechanical problems.

  • The bait-and-switch aircraft broker who ran ads in Trade-a-Plane without the owners' knowledge or consent, and for aircraft that weren't even for sale.

We place orders for all Cessna Piston Single Engine Aircraft year round

Sterling Air, Ltd. invites you to visit us at our Carson City, Nevada airport headquarters. Combine your aircraft shopping with a pleasant time in the historic capitol of Nevada.


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