In recent years corporate aircraft have played an increasing role in expediting corporate business. More than one client can be visited in a single day. Corporate aircraft can often land closer to the client's place of business. With a dedicated aircraft the whole gang can complete its business and be home for dinner.

These are but a few of the many advantages corporations are discovering. Corporations are also discovering that not only is corporate aircraft more convenient, in most instances corporate aircraft is less expensive. Don't let your competition cut out the ground from under your feet.

There are many ways to acquire the use of corporate aircraft. Currently the popular method is fractional ownership. This method of ownership has now become the standard for those companies that do not want to own 100% of their aircraft. Of course leasing is also an option. 

Whether your company owns or leases its corporate aircraft, your aircraft will need to be managed in order to be ready to go at all times with professionally trained pilots.

Sterling provides a variety of corporate aircraft management services based upon your company's particular needs.

We place orders for all Cessna Piston Single Engine Aircraft year round

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